Powerful, flexible, sustainable solutions…

Aperion has distinguished itself in providing power and other infrastructure solutions to a range of stakeholders. With a variety of fuel specifications and demand profiles, these projects highlight the flexibility and sustainability of Aperion’s development offerings.

Current Development

As of 2024 Aperion is actively involved in the development of the following capital projects.

127MW Grid Support (ERCOT)

Aperion is developing a grid support project for a municipality. Power will be delivered to transmission infrastructure at 138kV and supports local industry, residential and entertainment expansion. The project comprises 25 acres of facilities, 2 miles of fuel pipeline and an expansion capability to 210MW+

200MW Grid Support (SERC)

Aperion is developing a 200MW grid support and stabilization project to support industrial development in a growing community. Project includes flex fuel RICE generation colocated with a transmission substation, 3 days of backup fuel storage, and 15 miles of gas pipeline.

217MW Grid Support (ERCOT)

Aperion is the prime developer and Pre-FEED designer for a grid stabilization project in ERCOT supporting industrial growth in a suburban economic development zone. The plant includes more than 200MW of RICE flex fuel engines, 4 miles of fuel pipeline, 2+days of backup fuel storage and delivery to transmission facilities at 138kV.

Municipal Water System

Aperion is the prime developer for a 200+ subscriber water system. The project comprises $22 million in total value with water treatment, pumping infrastructure and new pipe work, bringing potable water to areas previously served by private wells.

Past Development

15MW Mine Power and Microgrid

Aperion was selected to provide design and development services for a 15MW flex fuel power plant, solar PV installation, battery storage, and 7+ mile microgrid. Also included was design integration with mine control systems and power regeneration equipment.

3 MW Agricultural

Aperion delivered a complete design for a 3 MW prime power system serving an agricultural facility, including underground power lines, and Combined Heat and Power delivery.

275 MW Data Center Power Plant and Fuel Pipeline Engineering

Aperion was selected and delivered design services for over 30 miles of pipeline, a 275MW Prime Power Plant and 24 hours of backup fuel.

10 MW Pre-FEED Prime Power Plant Design

Aperion Energy Group was selected to provide Pre-FEED engineering and design services for a 10 MW plant servicing a critical mining load in a remote and mountainous region.

Activities included the design of prime power plant, over 40 kilometers (26 miles) of transmissions lines and assessment of related land, regulatory and environmental concerns.

6.5 MW  Gas Compression Station

Aperion provided power for a gas compression facility in West Texas. Power is generated by an array of 1MW Waukesha 7042 generators
burning natural gas.

42 MW Grid Stabilization

Aperion provided power for a grid stabilization project supporting overloaded infrastructure. 42 MW of distributed gas generation was provided to permit load balancing and immediate stabilization of brownout and blackout conditions. Full SCADA control and monitoring installed to permit system-wide oversight.

1 MW Agricultural

Aperion provided 1 MW of prime power to an agricultural facility. Power is generated from five 200KW Caterpillar generators running on digester gas from the cattle’s effluent. Co-generated heat is harvested from the engine exhaust and jacket water to provide heat for the digesters and cattle comfort in the winter.

2 MW Oilfield Power

Aperion provided power to a gas processing facility in West Texas. Power user was unable to secure electric power delivery from the utility due to construction constraints and unfavorable lead times. Power generated using five synchronized 400KW caterpillar generators running on natural gas from the plant.

600 KW Oilfield Power

Aperion provided power to a gas processing facility in West Texas. Customer was unable to secure electric power delivery from the power company due to construction constraints and unfavorable lead times. Power is generated using one 600KW caterpillar generator running on natural gas from the gas plant.

2.4 MW Offshore Power

Aperion provided power for an oil production facility off the coast of Cameroon, West Africa. Customer required electric power to run
pumping and downhole equipment for offshore production facilities. Power provided by an array of 400KW generators specified
for use offshore in a Class 1 Divison 2 environment.

A word about Sustainable Development at Aperion . . .

Our commitment to sustainable development goes hand in hand with our dedication to fostering community growth and human advancement. Our methodology for selecting infrastructure projects is deeply rooted in creating tangible benefits for the communities we serve, while also delivering predictable returns on investment for our shareholders.

Central to our approach is the prioritization of projects that not only address infrastructure needs but also contribute to the advancement of local communities. We recognize that sustainable development is about more than just erecting structures; it’s about empowering people and enhancing their quality of life.

One key aspect of our methodology is to assess the potential impact of each project on local educational and employment opportunities. We strive to create pathways for skill development and job creation within the communities where we operate. By partnering with local educational institutions and workforce development programs, we ensure that our projects not only meet immediate infrastructure needs but also leave a lasting legacy of empowerment and economic growth.

Furthermore, we are committed to building infrastructure projects that align with our shareholders’ interests by delivering predictable returns on investment. Through thorough risk assessment and financial analysis, we identify projects with strong revenue potential and sustainable long-term growth prospects. By adhering to rigorous financial discipline and strategic planning, we mitigate risks and maximize value for our shareholders.

In all things we strive to apply a methodology for selecting infrastructure projects that embodies our core values of community engagement, human advancement, and shareholder value creation. By prioritizing projects that deliver tangible benefits to local communities, reinforce educational and employment opportunities, and offer predictable returns on investment, we remain steadfast in our mission to drive sustainable development and prosperity for all stakeholders involved.