Power First

Continuous, affordable electrical power is the backbone of every modern business. Without power, nothing happens.

Demand is rising across industries for electrical power. Intermittency driven by solar and wind installations is a significant component of the power mix. Utilities across the country race to upgrade infrastructure, and many critical sites have begun to move to self contained prime power to support or augment grid connections. It’s the only way to be sure that critical up time is maintained.

Aperion Energy Group is your trusted Partner in Power, with the expertise to plan for and meet demand with capacity...

Power Plant Development

We have built core expertise in the design, development and deployment of a range of power plant technologies, with a focus on instant-on thermal technologies.

Resource Planning

Considering an integrated power plan combining grid and self-generation? Aperion’s professionals help you plan for the future while meeting current demands, all within your existing enterprise strategy.

Plant Concept and Design

Aperion develops full concepts for modern plants supported by sophisticated control systems that allow proactive maintenance and power tuning.

Core Services

Site Selection

Aperion provides site selection services that combine proprietary data sets for desktop analysis, with field survey and research capabilities as the project is advanced.

Strategic Financing

Aperion offers a range of power specific financing solutions with qualified counterparties and risk tailoring to meet most investment strategies.


We are capable of providing full lifecycle supervision of power assets, including the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance and Decommissioning stack in conjunction with our strategic partners.


Mining and Minerals

Aperion’s solutions meet the needs of remote mining and mineral processing operations…

Oil Production and Processing

Aperion’s power stations keep Oilfield operations turning year round. Find out how deployed power can cut costs and increase productivity…

Grid Support

Distributed power generation supports local load and provide physical and financial tools to grid operators, institutional investors and municipalities…

Data Center

The proliferation of cloud computing is putting ever greater loads onto utilities, which can increase costs for mission critical applications. Our solutions can increase bus uptime and save costs…

Leadership Team

Aaron Wheeler – CEO

Aaron is a management professional with over ten years’ experience working in energy services markets. He leads all aspects of Aperion’s commercial and engineering strategy, with management experience focused on building project teams to execute civil engineering and support technologies. Aaron’s role includes matching Aperion’s suite of technologies to energy demand problems, meeting client financial needs and reporting to company and project stakeholders.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Connecticut State University.

Henry Gomez – CFO

Henry Gomez, CPA, has more than 35 years’ experience as a financial professional. His appointments run the gamut of financial structures, ranging from listed public companies to Private Equity startups and financial services consulting. Henry is focused on the continued growth of Aperion, with responsibility for capital growth and investor interface.

His leadership is integral to the creation of the financing structures that make Aperion’s projects possible, and the corporate governance initiatives that protect shareholder value.

Henry is a graduate of Holy Angel University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Lyndon Nance – Executive Chairman

Lyndon Nance, RPLS, serves as Aperion’s Executive Chairman and Adviser. He was a Co-Founder of Aperion Energy in 2016 and completed the acquisition of all parts of the business from the other partners in early 2020. Since then he has sought to build the most advanced Power Generation company in the world, with a focus on the use of a variety of generation and storage technologies to meet the needs of high demand users. Lyndon is also the founder of L.P. Nance Land Surveying, a Survey and GIS Data company which he successfully sold in 2018.

Lyndon is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is a Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

To maintain load-and-supply balance
in real-time with higher penetrations of variable supply and less-predictable demand,
dispatchable generators must be available and capable of following changing electricity
demand. Retirements of fossil-fired generators are reducing the amounts of dispatchable
generation in many areas. – NERC, 2023 Long-Term Reliability Assessment