Power Stations

~~The above video demonstrates the low sound volume of a typical gas fueled energy installation. Even lower levels can be achieved with indoor configurations and in-line environmental control systems.~~

Aperion is positioned to deploy specialized engineering and commercial assets to support generation projects in the most remote regions of the world. Our experience includes remote onshore and offshore deployments, with fuel, hardware and control systems tailored to the unique demands of the site.

Power Station Capabilities

Engineering and Design

Aperion’s in-house staff partner with leading design firms to engineer state of the art power generation systems. These systems are designed to be more reliable than grid power, with multiple redundancies.


Aperion uses only top rated power units. Our approved product manufacturers are all licensed to do business in the United States and include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Jenbacher (INNIO)
  • Waukeshau (INNIO)

Aperion is focused on rapid deployment of generation assets to the demand site. Construction partners are selected for knowledge of local codes, environmental concerns and, above all, documented safety performance.

Delivery of the power system, with first light as rapidly and safely as possible, is Aperion’s top priority.

Commissioning and Operation

Following successful site construction, a thorough commissioning and staff training process ensure continued success. In addition to fully realized SCADA support, Aperion provides full 24/7 onsite coverage as required by demand. In addition, spare parts are kept on site to allow technicians to correct most faults immediately, infield.